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Bully Beatdown - Comments On The Show
Ever wanted help getting a bully to back off? When it's time to even the odds, it's time for Bully Beatdown. Talk about your favorite episodes and fi...
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has anyone heard of one?
545 2
20 months ago
To all those responsible for this show: I have ne...
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20 months ago
 You guys should have a bad girl episode and get s...
313 9
21 months ago
 someones benn bulling me 17 +y on soo could frien...
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22 months ago
First let me say that when Mayhem says BBD is the ...
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25 months ago
Come at me bro... I'll take on your fighters or y...
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L. Haase
30 months ago
i love the show. but as a father of a son who gets...
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31 months ago
there should be an episode of beating down older b...
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32 months ago
I have a major issue with my older brother! 20 + y...
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35 months ago
I love bully beatdown.  Being a mother of 2 boys I...
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35 months ago