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Making His Band - Episodes
Was there a moment in the show that you just couldn't believe? Talk about it now!
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WTH Diddy?? That boy has talent - whether he's not...
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55 months ago
There i said it, now deal with it!
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55 months ago
I think I am obsessed with her! her voice is by fa...
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55 months ago
Where the heck is Episode 9 now?  Are they hiding ...
356 1
55 months ago
It seems that there was so much of the contestants...
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King Johnson
55 months ago
#1- Romeo that was wack man and you know it....T...
470 5
55 months ago
Wassssupppp Lynette:  You have got to read the new...
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jenk jenk
55 months ago
I used to hate how MTV was full of re runs. Now th...
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56 months ago
Dear the powers that be, Why?  Why must I wait u...
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56 months ago
I was sorry to see that the female drummer Dina wa...
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56 months ago