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The City - News And Gossip
Here's the spot to dish on the latest news, Whitney Port, The City and beyond.
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Does Anyone Know When the City is Coming Back? I l...
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35 months ago
  (212) 925-8675
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44 months ago
I am stumped. Olivia can't be as horrible as she c...
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46 months ago
Does Whitney have any back ground in design? From ...
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46 months ago
 Does anyone know who makes the white and blue seq...
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47 months ago
If you are unhappy as I am that DFV is employing s...
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Dona Juanita
47 months ago
In Season 3 of the Hills Roxy appeared on as Steph...
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Dona Juanita
47 months ago
Olivia looked like a pro with the fake purse pushe...
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47 months ago
 Whitney looks exactly like Macaulay Culkin, is sh...
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52 months ago
Roxy is an actress, her dad and mom are both actor...
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53 months ago